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A Bioethics Manual in each WYD pilgrim kit

FR. SCOTT BORGMANPontifical Academy for Life“We were given a lot of questions from young people these days about the significance of life, about its meaning. I think it is a good response to some of these questions.”Father Scott Borgman, of the Pontifical Academy for Life, underlines that this is an extremely accessible and easy-to-read manual. FR. SCOTT BORGMANPontifical Academy for Life“As you can see it?s not very long, it is easy to understand. It has a lot of frequently asked questions, to get people to understand more about bioethics.” The booklet was prepared and edited by the Jerome Le Jeune Foundation, the Brazilian Episcopal Conference and the Spanish Bio-Sanitary Study Center. The document addresses delicate issues such as ?in vitro? fertilization and abortion, but with an easily intelligible style.FR. SCOTT BORGMANPontifical Academy for Life“The question is what is Bioethics? Medical ethics, therefore it is a study about was is right in medical practice and it is a relatively new ; field of research. But when you start looking at the particular aspect, we see it is very relevant in our everyday life. When you look at infertility, disabled children, for example.”Each pilgrim?s kit will feature one of these manuals. In total, over 2 million copies will be produced, and translations are available in Franch, English, Spanish and Portuguese. VIC / BBAA-JM-PRUp:SCar