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Social Network Campaigns launched to support WYD pilgrim accused of drug trafficking

Everything started when on July 11th, ; Angel de Maria Soto Zárate, boarded a plane from Mexico to Rio. She stopped in Peru for a connecting flight and it?s there that she realized she no longer had her passport with her.

She flew back home to Mexico, but when she got to the airport she was stopped and detained for allegedly carrying drugs in her suitcase. She says, the problem is, the suitcase wasn?t hers.

The 23 year old teacher said when she got to the airport, she refused to take the suitcase because, even though it had her name tag on it, it wasn?t the bag she originally checked in.

The suitcase had 22 pounds of cocaine in it and she was accused of drug trafficking. She was taken to a maximum security prison in Mexico. Family and friends have called for her release and it seems their pleas have worked. Wide spread Facebook, Twitter and Youtube campaigns were launched to clear her name and vouch for her release.