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Rome Reports

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Discover the Roman and Byzantine empires with a new app called TECHCOOLTOUR

The Roman and Byzantine empires helped shape Europe as it is today. But what traces remain of the people who lived in Europe more than a thousand years ago?

This is Tech Cool Tour. It is what they call a 'cross-media platform', since it includes a mobile device app, but also a website and a booklet. With it, everyone can experience both a virtual and an on-site visit to two itineraries that explore 44 archaeological sites across the ancient Roman and Byzantine empires. ;

The first virtual tour is inspired by ancient Roman history and civilization. It begins in northern Italy, near Venice, and follows the same routes the Romans used all the way to the Balkans. ;

The second route focuses on Byzantine history in Italy. Stops in this virtual tour include Ravenna and its beautiful mosaics, Venice and the Croatian coast. ;

But what makes this project special is that it is completely based on AR, or 'augmented reality'. From wherever they are, users can take the tour 'virtually' on their devices. But if they actually visit the sites, they can just point their phone or tablet computer at various key points, and 3D reconstructions show the sites as they were in ancient times, also providing lots of useful info and pictures. ;

Creators of Tech Cool Tour say this is just the start of a much bigger project. Their goal is to create multimedia platforms that will make all of Europe's archaeological heritage available to everyone... everywhere. ;

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