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Pope Francis meets with Italian prison chaplains: No cell can isolate from God

October 24, 2013 (Romereports.com) Pope Francis welcomed the members of the National Convention of Italian Prison Chaplains. He highlighted their work in showing God's mercy and providing hope to people who need it most. 

The Pope also said that during brief moments on Sundays when he's free,he calls prisoners in Buenos Aires. Those conversations, he added, make the Pope question "why him and not me?� But he also said those conversations brings him closer to the prisoners


"Recently, you spoke about a justice of reconciliation, but also a justice of hope, of open doors and horizons. This is not a utopia. It can be done!â? 

During his brief remarks, the Pope went on to say that God is close to everyone, including prisoners. He added that no cell is so isolated that it keeps God away from them. Pope Francis also asked the chaplains to convey his greetings to all of the prisoners. He said that he prays for them, so that "they may positively overcome this tough period in their lives.â? 





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