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How to get the Pope's attention during General Audiences

October 27, 2013 (Romereports.com) Anything goes when it comes to catching the attention of Pope Francis during the General Audiences. The Pope sets aside about 45 minutes beforehand, to ride among the crowd on board his Popemobile. And getting his attention in a crowd of 80,000 people is no easy task. 

Flags and signs can be very useful, especially to promote a certain group. These German pilgrims made sure to bring theirs to St. Peter's Square for the Audience. 

"We are from Essen, it's a rural area in Germany. We are a Catholic worker movement, and he is the brother of a bishop in Essen. And he is always here too, and we walked into the audience by Francesco.â? 

But others leave flags aside and instead they depend on their uniforms. Firefighters, for example, have caught the Pope's attention twice in the past two weeks. 

TheseItalian pilgrims also turned to their uniforms. They showed up to the audience dressed in white and green, feathered hat included. 

"The financial guard and organization for retirees is called ANFI: the National Financial Association of Italy. My hat is an alpine hat, because the finance guards wear an alpine hat.â? 

And even though they weren't successful this time around, all is well. Each one returns home more inspired to continue their work. 

"There are Africans, there are Turks, and there are Croatians in this movement. And so to say, 'We are all the same people here, we have one hope, and one God.' And so this is alright.â? 

"I think that Pope Francis spoke well, so if we didn't greet him, it's no problem.â? 

To them the most important part is not that Pope Francis didn't see them. But rather, the fact that they saw him, even at a distance.





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