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Pope Francis is 'Number One' on the Internet

Perhaps the Pope isn't the most popular person in the world, but apparently he is the most popular person on the web. ;

Pope Francis took the number one spot under the 'most talked about names.' ;That's according to a survey carried out by the Global Language Monitor, which tracks internet activity in English. ;

The number two spot taken by Obamacare, then the National Security Agency, followed by Edward Snowden and Kate Middleton. ;

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Thanks to his Twitter account of @Pontifex, which has more than 10 million followers, ;the Pope didn't fair too bad the 'top words' category. ;

He took the number four spot, but even that may have been because of a technicality. According to the survey, the top three slots were taken by words like: hashtag, '404,' which is code for an unresponsive website and also by the word 'fail' which got a big boost when the Obamacare website was launched. ;

The internet research is based on English language blogs, social media and thousands of online news media. ;





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