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Pope on Epiphany: The Three Wise Men teach us not to settle for a mediocre life

Pope Francis celebrated the Mass for the Feast of the Epiphany at the St. Peter's Basilica. During his homily, he spoke about how the Three Wise Men teach Catholics to "follow the heart's desires.�

"They teach us not to be content with a life of mediocrity, of "playing it safe�, but to let ourselves be attracted always by what is good, true and beautiful� by God, who is all of this, and so much more! And they teach us not to be deceived by appearances, by what the world considers great, wise and powerful. We must not stop at that.�

At times, the Three Wise Men lost sight of the star, the Pope said. But they were able to "overcome dangerous moment of darkness,� like at the palace of King Herod. They escaped that darkness thanks to the "holy cunning.�

"These Wise Men from the East teach us how not to fall into the snares of darkness, and how to defend ourselves from the shadows, which seek to envelop our life. By this holy 'cunning,' they guarded the faith. We too need to guard the faith, guard it from darkness. Many times, however, it is a darkness disguised as light.�

The Pope also called on Catholics to treat the Three Wise Men, as "wise companions� on the path to "seek for light,� and to "guard the faith.�





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