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Pope Baptizes 32 babies in Sistine Chapel: Faith is the most powerful inheritance

In a setting unlike any other, Pope Francis Baptized 32 babies in the Sistine Chapel.   names stand up....... He described the Sacrament as an unbroken chain of faith that links generation to generation. POPE FRANCIS "I want to highlight one thing. You are transmitters of faith. You have the responsibility of passing on the faith to your children.â? As a Vatican employee, Massimo Cara and his wife Cristina, saw their 4 month-old baby girl,  Baptized by Pope Francis, precisely on the date when the Church celebrates the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord. MASSIMO CARA Gendarmeria Vaticana "When you think about it, our faith is the most important inheritance you can give your children.â? He says the homily was short, but direct and the message really hit home. MASSIMO CARA Gendarmeria Vaticana "When you have the gift of faith, everything else, especially materialism, is just in the background.â? For six years, Paolo de Angelis has worked at the Vatican. Even though he's somewhat accustomed to seeing Pope Francis, he says, seeing his wife holding their five 5 month baby girl, right before Pope Francis was something else. PAOLO DE ANGELIS VATICAN FIREFIGHTER "My daughter Francesca was sleeping and when the Pope Baptized her, she opened her eyes and looked straight at Pope Francis.â? But his favorite moment, was when the Pope reminded all parents that the day was really about the children and their journey in the Catholic Church. POPE FRANCIS "Today the choir is singing; but the most beautiful choir that of the children, who are making noise... Some cry because they are not comfortable, or because they are hungry: if they are hungry, moms, give them something to eat, calmly, because they are the central figures, the protagonists of this celebration.â? PAOLO DE ANGELIS VATICAN FIREFIGHTER "I think that statement was what stood out the most. Perhaps even one of the most moving of the Ceremony.â? This ceremony is a Vatican tradition, but it marks the first time Pope Francis celebrates The Feast Day of the Lord as head of the Church. KLH CTV/MG VM -BN Up:JRB #Pope