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High profile Vatican meetings dominate last half of February

The month of February will be a busy one at the Vatican, with a list of high profile events in store.

It will start off when the Pope meets his advisory group from February 17thto the 19th.

The so called G8 council is the group of cardinals who advise the Pope on the governance of the Church and possible reforms. Their first two sessions took place in October and December.

In this session, the G8 is expected to see reviews it requested from outside consulting firms.

;Everything from the management of the Vatican and its bank, to the Holy See's communications department.

;From the 20thto the 21st, cardinals will be summoned from all over the world to meet with the Pope. It will be a time to reflect on the strengths and challenges faced by families and a way to prepare for the Synod on the Family next year.

On February 22nd, the Pope Francis will name 19 new cardinals during his very first consistory.

Of the 19, a total of 16 are under the age of 80, which means they will be eligible to vote in an eventual conclave.

These newest members include Secretary of State, Pietro Parolin, the archbishop of Seoul, Andrew Yeom Soo-jung, from Quebec, Gerald Lacroix, and from Westminster, Vincent Nichols.

The three Cardinals-elect over 80 are Loris Capovilla, who served as John XXIII secretary, also Spaniard Fernardo Sebastián, and from the Caribbean Kelvin Edward Felix.

The day after the Consistory, on the 23rd, Pope Francis will celebrate Mass with all the cardinals.

The coming days will still be quite busy. On the 24thand the 25th, the Council on the Synod of Bishops will lead a series of meetings at the Vatican.