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Venezuelans ask Pope at General Audience for prayers for their country

They're from Venezuela, but they live in Italy. The group attended the General Audience to ask Pope Francis to pray for the troubling situation their country is going through. Despite the distance, they said they're witnessing the consequences conflict through their friends and family. VENEZUELAN WOMAN "We can't lose faith, God is great, and maybe what is happening to us is a sign that truly, there's a change within all of us to reach for what we want, and right now, it's freedom.� They said they feel relieved that the Pope mentioned them in his remarks. Pope Francis called for peace and reconciliation. POPE FRANCIS "May the entire Venezuelan people, with political and institutional leaders, ensure national reconciliation, through mutual forgiveness and sincere dialogue.� The Pope's words touched them deeply, the group said. They added that it filled them with hope. VENEZUELAN WOMAN "We have faith in Pope Francis, who hasn't forgotten about us.� Soon after, the group took to social media to share the Pope's message of support, so that they're loved ones know that Pope Francis prays for them. AFP/RCA AA JM -BN Up: AFP