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Spanish bishops end their 'ad limina' visits with the Pope

The "ad liminaâ? visit by Spain's bishops to the Vatican draws to an end. On Friday, Pope Francis met with the bishops from the provinces of Barcelona and Tarragona. The Pope greeted the bishops individually, joking with each one. The comments were lighthearted, like the one he gave to the bishop of Tarrasa, one of the youngest dioceses in Spain. -It has a population of 1.3 million. -Just like a parish in Buenos Aires! The Pope received gifts and letters from each of the bishops. He also showed interest in the number of seminarians in certain dioceses. -How many seminarians do you have? -We have 17. -So few! The bishop of Lleida, Joan Piris Frigola, reminded the Pope about his diocese's project to turn an old seminary for families in need. -I presented to you the project for social housing. It's already under way. -Praised be God!   The "ad liminaâ? visit for the Spanish bishops started off on February 24, and will end on March. 8. On Saturday, the Pope will meet with the remaining bishops, from the provinces of Seville and Granada. The last "ad liminaâ? visit by Spanish bishops took place nine years ago. AC/RCA CTV VM -BN Up: AFP #pope