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Rome Reports

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San Antonio archbishop asks Pope Francis to consecrate the world to the Holy Spirit

On his most recent visit to Rome, Archbishop Gustavo Garcí­a Siller gathered with other bishops from around the world, friends to the Folocare Movement. During their gathering, they met with Pope Francis. The San Antonio archbishop had a special request for him. MSGR. GUSTAVO GARCIA SILLER Archbishop of San Antonio (USA) "I told him that I considered him to be the Pope of the Holy Spirit, and I asked him to consecrate the world to the Holy Spirit. That way, we can reap the fruit of the Holy Spirit, which are peace, joy, and the witness of a Christian life.â? The archbishop made the same request during the Synod on the New Evangelization in 2012. Even though Pope Francis did not commit to anything, he responded by saying that it was very necessary, the archbishop said. Msgr. Garcí­a Siller described the action of the Holy Spirit as a transformation, which allows people to open themselves up to God's love. He added that Pope Francis, guided by this love, has transformed and inspired many people in San Antonio, Catholics and non-Catholics alike. MSGR. GUSTAVO GARCIA SILLER Archbishop of San Antonio (USA) "He speaks with simple, small actions, because that's God's love. It's not just found in big, showy events, but in everyday things, in the ordinary. There, God manifests Himself in a big way.â? As a devout believer in the power of the Holy Spirit, Msgr. Garcí­a Siller hopes the Pope will follow in his footsteps. The archbishop is preparing to consecrate his archdiocese to the Holy Spirit. The ceremony will take place on Pentecost, celebrating the descent of the Holy Spirit to the Apostles, and the end of the Easter season. RCA AA VM/JM -PR Up:JRB #World