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Website launched to congratulate Pope Francis on his first anniversary as Pontiff

Would you like to congratulate Pope Francis on the first year of his pontificate? ; ; It's now possible thanks to a website titled, www.graziefrancesco.com ; The way it works is pretty simple. It collects messages posted on Facebook, Twitter and its own website. The goal is to send all of them to the Pope on March 13th. ; ; It's not just about sending a message, but also about sharing it, so users can read the comments others leave as well. To write something one must use the hashtag #ThankYouFrancis, which is available in eight languages. ; ; ; The idea came from an Argentine group known as 'Lindo Lio' which roughly translates to 'Nice Mess.' Its mission is to use to internet to promote culture and charity. ; So, through this website they're inviting everyone, not just Catholics, to send a thank you message to Pope Francis, to mark this unforgettable year in history. ; ; On the first day it was launched the website collected over 2,500 messages. ; ; ; ; AFP/KLH GrazieFrancesco.com VM -PR up:KLH