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Pope's Mass: Do you put your trust in idols or in God?

In his Thursday morning Mass, Pope Francis talked about trusting God. He explained that those who only trust themselves, money or ideologies are setting themselves up for an unhappy life.  POPE FRANCIS "Today, in this day of Lent, we should ask ourselves: where is my trust? Is it in the Lord? Or am I a pagan, who trusts things and idols? Do I still have a name or have I begun to lose my name, referring to myself only as 'I.' Me for me and just for me. First for me and then for me...always feeling that selfishness of 'I.' This will not give us salvation." Pope Francis then added that there is hope for those who live in selfishness, since God is always willing to embrace them. EXCERPT OF THE POPE'S HOMILY Source: Vatican Radio "This is the worst misfortune of those who trust in themselves or in [their own]strength; in the possibilities of men and not in God: they lose [their] name. What is your name? The amount in your account, in your bank. . . . What is your name? So many properties, so many villas, so many. . . . What is your name? The things we have, the idols. And you trust in that, and this man is cursed.â? "Today, in this day of Lent, we would do well to ask ourselves: where is my confidence? In the Lord? Or am I a pagan, who confides in things, in the idols that I have made? Do I still have a name or have I begun to lose my name and [begun] to call myself â??Iâ??? I, me, with me, for me, only â??Iâ??? For me, for me . . . always that self-centredness: â??I.â?? This will not give us salvation.â? "To the end, to the end, to the end there is always a possibility. And this man, when he realized that he had lost his name, he had lost everything, everything, looks up and says one word: â??Father.â?? And God's answer is one word: â??Son!â?? If one of us in life, having so much trust in man and in ourselves, we end up losing the name, losing this dignity, there is still a chance to say this word that is more than magic, it is more, it is strong: â??Father.â?? He always waits for us to open a door that we do not see and says to us: â??Son.â?? Let us ask the Lord for the grace that He would give to each of us the wisdom to have confidence only in Him â?? not in things, not in human powers; only in Him.â? AFP/PM CTV F -BN -Up:JRB #Papa