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Harambee: Promoting a brighter future in Africa

Promoting social programs in Africa, is one of the goals of Harambee. It's an international NGO, that was inspired by Alvaro del Portillo, the first successor of St. Josemarí­a Escrivá, founder of Opus Dei. To promote its works and future projects, Rome's Pontifical University of the Holy Cross hosted a traveling exhibit that will make its way across the globe.  LINDA CORBI Harambee International Coordinator "Harambee is a word we inherited. The full name is Harambee Africa Onlus, which means 'All Together.' It represents our social goal of having everyone collaborate in these social projects.â?  MARA CELANI Exhibit Organizer  "Part of the exhibit is meant to highlight the personality of Alvaro del Portillo and the role he had in making this idea a reality in Africa. It's also a way to introduce some of the projects that Harambee will be taking part in this year. Those who'd like to contribute, can do so through Harambee's website.â?  Harambee distributes its funds to Catholic and non-Catholic institutions in Africa. For example, this year most of the funds will be used to improve health, education and infrastructures in  Nigeria, the Ivory Coast and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Another goal is to provide scholarships for African seminarians.  LINDA CORBI Harambee International Coordinator "Don Alvaro traveled to Africa many times, even when he was sick. Some of the trips were exhausting, but still his determination and his willingness to be around people and to meet with them, overcame all that. He connected with the people through their language and with real life local situations they were dealing with. There was simply a connection.â? MARA CELANI Exhibit Organizer  "He lived out his mission being loyal to St. Josemarí­a, without any power struggles. He always collaborated with him, showing great humility.â?  Don Alvaro del Portillo will be beatified on Sept. 27th  in his native city of Madrid. Since he was a great promoter of social works and support in Africa, all the donations received during the ceremony, will be allocated to Harambee and its future projects.  JRB/KLH MG VM -PR up:JRB # World