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Pope's Mass: God loses in the balance of things, but when it comes to love He wins

Pope Francis talked about the love of God in his homily at Casa Santa Marta. He explained that God always speaks with tenderness, even when He talks about conversion. POPE FRANCIS "He never tires of forgiving. We are the ones who get tired of asking for forgiveness, but He never tires. Seventy times seven: always go forward with forgiveness.â? Pope Francis added that those who "have the courage to approach the Lord, will find the joy of the feast of God,â? because He always waits and forgives. EXCERPT FROM THE POPE'S HOMILY Source: Vatican Radio "This is the heart of our Father,â? he said. "God is like that: he does not tire, he does not tire. And God did this for many centuries, with so much apostasyâ?¦ among the people. And he always returns because our God is a God who waits. "Adam left paradise with a punishment but also with a promise. And â?¦ the Lord is faithful to his promise because he cannot deny himself. He is faithful. And, in this way, he waited for all of us, throughout all of history. He is the God who waits for us always,â? the Pope added. "â??But father, I have so many sins, I do not know if he will be happyâ??,â? the Pope said, suggesting a conversation between a priest and a person fallen from God. "â??But try! If you want to know the tenderness of this Father, go to him and try. Then come and tell me.â??â? The Pope insisted on the loving welcome of God: "The God who waits for us. God who waits and also God who forgives. He is the God of mercy; he does not tire of forgiving. We are the ones who tire in asking for forgiveness, but he does not tire.â? "Seventy times seven, always. Let us go forward with forgiveness. And from a business point of view, the balance is negative. He always loses: he loses in the balance of things but he wins in love,â? he said. God "is the first to fulfill the commandment of love,â? he continued. "He loves and does not know how to do otherwise.â? "The miracles that Jesus did with many sick people were also a sign of the great miracle that every day the Lord does with us when we have the courage to get up and go to him,â? he added. When people return to God, God celebrates "not like the banquet of the rich man, who had the poor Lazarus at his door,â? he said. "He holds banquet, like the father of the prodigal son.â? Every person who has the courage to approach God "will find the joy of the feast of God,â? he said. "May this word help us to think of our Father, who waits for us always and who always forgives us and celebrates our return.â? AFP/RCA CTV FA -BN Up: PM