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Rome Reports

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Pope Francis to couples: No need to call the United Nations to make peace

The Roman springtime also brings the lengthy strolls Pope Francis makes on board his Popemobile, throughout St. Peter's Square, during his General Audiences.  For half an hour, Pope Francis kissed and blessed several children. He also exchanged his papal hat, and even stopped to greet a group of children using orange pompoms.  What's your name? And you? What's your name? And you? Your name? During his catechesis, Pope Francis spoke about marriage. He explained that it's beautiful because it mirrors God's love for humanity. POPE FRANCIS "God's image is the married couple, a man and women, together. Not just the man. Not just the woman. No, both of them. That's God's image.â? Pope Francis also explained that it's normal for couples to argue, but that they shouldn't get carried away by sadness. But he repeated one of his most treasured advice: that couples should never to go bed without making peace. POPE FRANCIS "You donâ??t need to call the United Nations to your home to make peace. A small gesture is enough, a caress: 'goodbye, see you tomorrow.' And tomorrow is a new day. This is life: go forward with it.â? The Pope also repeated the three "magicâ? phrases that must thrive within families and marriage: 'excuse me, thank you, I'm sorry.' POPE FRANCIS "With these three phrases, with prayer: the husband's for his wife, the wife's for her husband, and by making peace before the day ends, the marriage will move forward.â? With the catechesis on marriage, Pope Francis ended his series dedicated to the Sacraments, but he did not mention what topic he would address the following week. PM/RCA CTV FA -BN Up: YJA #pope