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African bishops to reflect on impact of John XXIII and John Paul II on Church in Africa

On the week before the Catholic Church adds two former Popes to its list of saints, African bishops will pay homage to John XXIII and John Paul II at the Vatican.  MSGR. BERTHELEMY ADOUKONOU Secretary, Pontifical Council for Culture  "The African Church comes to Rome to reflect on its history from the Council to today. Also, to meditate on the great contributions of the Church to African development, especially for the two Popes that will be canonized.â? Guests for the two day conference include not only the continent's cardinals and bishops, but theologians, philosophers and other big names in African culture.  They will analyze the impact of the Second Vatican Council, 50 years later, and how it's shaped modern society. PROF. MARTIN NKAFU Pontifical Lateran University (Rome) "It's not another celebration of the Church in Africa, but a time to ask ourselves what we're made of, and what we want to be now.â? The conference on Council's anniversary, also coincides with the start of celebrations for 50 years of independence in most African countries. Organizers say the focus on culture is important for the future of the Church in the continent. MSGR. MELCHOR SANCHEZ DE TOCA  Pontifical Council for Culture "When the Gospel interacts with other cultures, it enriches them: it heals, purifies and lifts them. The Gospel brings out the best of each culture.â? The conference will take place at Rome's Lateran University, on April 24-25. The event is organized by the Vatican's Pontifical Council for Culture, as well as the African bishops' conference, SECAM.  RCA AA -VM -PR Up:RCA