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Rome Reports

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Pope to Ukraine's prime minister: I hope you can sign a peace accord with this pen

Pope Francis welcomed Ukraine's prime minister, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, to the Vatican's Apostolic Palace.   "My pleasure.â?     Both leaders showed little emotion as they met each other. With Ukraine making international headlines, they talked about the current tension between Ukraine and Russia.  In fact, the issue was addressed when, as a gift, the Pope gave him a pen.     POPE FRANCIS "I hope you can sign a peace agreement with this pen.â?     Arseniy Yatsenyuk UKRAIN´SPRIME MINISTER "I hope so too. I will do it.â?     In exchange the prime minister gave the Pope a framed picture of Ukrainian people, describing the photographed crowd as 'free and independent.'   With the sound of flashing cameras in the background, the prime minister introduced his staff to the Pope.   At the end of their meeting, Pope Francis made his usual request, before saying farewell.   POPE FRANCIS "I pray for you. And you pray for me.â? The prime minister was planning on staying in Rome for the canonization ceremony, but he cut the visit short and went back home to address the rising tension between Ukraine and Russia.     KLH CTV Gdp -BN Up: KLH