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Rome Reports

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Excitement and lots of emotion following canonization of two Popes

John Paul II and John XXIII are now saints. Pope Francis elevated them to the altars before hundreds of thousands of pilgrims. "For us, it's been wonderful, truly wonderful to be here during this historic moment for the Church.â? "We felt lots of joy, lots of happiness, tranquility, and comforted by our faith.â? "Never in my life, I've had this excitement, a very very overwhelming feeling.â? Once the ceremony ended, Pope Francis boarded his Popemobile and greeted pilgrims in the Square, and neighboring Via della Conciliazione. It only added to overall excitement of the event. "I was about 80 feet from the Holy Father. I love it. It's been a unique experience.â? "I got goosebumps, I'm telling you. For me it was very important.â? Though wariness showed on some of their faces, their elation and emotion won out. Few even continued singing and celebrating, hours after the event. "We slept what we could, but we're not tired now.â? "Good spirits keep you fresh, they keep you awake. Not tired, just a bit sleepy.â? But that wasn't the case with everyone. After waiting for so long, several pilgrims gave in to hunger and fatigue. "We want to eat and sleep a little.â? Now that the event is over, St. Peter's Square will slowly get back to normal. Pilgrims will return back home, having lived through a unique experience in the history of the Church.  AFP/RCA FM VM -PR Up: PM