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Pope to soccer players: You have a responsibility in and out the soccer field

Pope Francis is a big soccer fan. So it's only fair that he met with the two teams that are gearing up for Italy's Cup.  One team is from Naples and the other from Florence.  The Pope highlighted that they have a "social responsibilityâ? in and out the soccer field. He also told them to steer away from the dangers of their profession.  POPE FRANCIS "Nowadays, even soccer is surrounded by big business, which includes advertising, television ads, etc. But money shouldn't overshadow the sport itself. If this happens, it can contaminate everything, at an international, national and local level.â?  The two soccer teams and member of the Italian Federation of Football, gave the Pope quite a few gifts. First, they gave him two jerseys. One from the Pope's favorite team, San Lorenzo de Almagro, which  was given to him by a Fiorentina player who used to play for the Pope's favorite team.  "But is it yours?â? "Yeah, it's mine. The one I used when I played there.â? The Naples soccer team gave the Pope another jersey, for the 'Keeper of Souls.'  "But this is for a  unique keeper... Because  everybody must be allowed in.â?  The Pope also a got a replica of the Italian Cup and the Naples soccer team coach, gave him a signed soccer ball.  And in that case that wasn't not enough, Pope Francis was also given a huge cake in the shape of Rome's Olympic Stadium, where both teams will play the final on Saturday.  PM/PM/KLH  CTV FA -BN Up: PM #Papa