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Pope Francis: Our faith calls us to respect Creation

Pope Francis discussed respect for the environment during his Homily on Pentecost Sunday. He said that protecting the world is a requirement of faith since Earth was created by God. POPE FRANCIS "Respect for Creation is a requirement of our faith and the 'garden' in which we live is not entrusted to us to be exploited, but instead to be cultivated and tended with respect.â? The Pope will publish an encyclical on ecology in June. During the Mass, Pope Francis wore red vestments with drawings depicting the Holy Spirit. He said that the Holy Spirit helps distinguish truth from falsehood and helps overcome daily challenges. It is important, he explained, to have brave men and women who are willing to fight against corruption in society.  POPE FRANCIS "Fight with determination against sin. Fight with determination against the corruption that grows increasingly in the world day by day.â? The world needs courage, hope, and faith, said the Pope. He concluded by stressing that justice and peace are two tasks that require patience. JRB/ATO CTV -SV -BN Up:GRT #Papa