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Rome Reports

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Vatican publishes guide in Arabic

On October 10, 2012, the Vatican began incorporating Arabic in general audiences like this.

The Holy See is using Arabic more frequently, and the language is becoming a major part of Vatican media. For example, one of the Pope's nine Twitter accounts is in Arabic.

Following this trend, they have published a new book in Arabic that offers information about the Vatican and some of its most famous monuments.


Prefect, Congregation for the Oriental Churches

"This book in Arabic is important for every pilgrim and tourist who visits Rome, St. Peter's Square, and the Vatican.�



"It is the first comprehensive book that introduces the Holy See as a state, and also explains its dicasteries and ministries. Also it shows the Vatican's cultural heritage across the world.�

The book is called "The Vatican, its Meanings and its Monuments.â? The Holy See wants the text to be a bridge between Rome and the Arab world, to help start a dialogue against fundamentalism. 



"In the Arab world currently, as we know, there is a deep internal crisis. It is not only terrorism. There are also good things, but this crisis needs cultural, intellectual, and philosophical responses. As such, the Arab world looks at the Holy See and the Vatican as a treasure.�

Some 150 million people speak Arabic, making it the eighth most common language on the planet.