He was kidnapped for 11 months, yet managed to forgive his captors

August 28, 2015. The victim, German Garcia, shared his experience, including the p...

Pope Francis: A liberal, conservative or neither?

August 28, 2015. The Popes visit to the U.S will take place from September 22nd to...

Ex-Nuncio, accused of sexual abuse, dies

August 28, 2015. He reportedly died from "natural causes.”

Priests from Iraq and Syria: ISIS is committing genocide

August 27, 2015. During the Rimini Meeting, the two priests gave testimony about w...

By the numbers: Pope Francis' general audiences

August 27, 2015. About 10,000 people came to his 100th general audience, in St. Pe...

Memorable moments from Pope Francis' 100 general audiences

August 27, 2015. The Pope recently led his 100th general audience, in St. Peters S...

A look back: 37 years ago, John Paul I was elected Pope

August 26, 2015. His papacy remains the shortest in history, lasting only 33 days.

Pope to Parents: Pass on the faith to your kids. Teach them the sign of the Cross

August 26, 2015. He also called on families to read the Gospel together.

Pope's General Audience: Make time for prayer. Pray with your family

August 26, 2015. The Pope described the Gospel as good bread that nurtures the hea...

LIVE: Pope Francis leads his 100th general audience

August 26, 2015. LIVE: Pope Francis leads his 100th general audience.

There's still a lot in store for Pope Francis this year...Check out the list of major events

August 25, 2015. His official calendar states the Pope plans to travel to Africa o...

Vatican organizes meeting to look at what can be done to help refugees from Iraq and Syria

August 25, 2015. The meeting will take place on September 17th.

Father General of Piarists: Young people reflect the problems of adult society

August 25, 2015. August 25th is the feast day for St. Joseph Calasanz, a pioneer o...

The Vatican and Cuba: A look back at how the Church helped mend ties with the USA

August 24, 2015. Despite their stark differences, the Holy See and Cuba never brok...

Pope's Angleus: What role does Jesus play in our lives?

August 24, 2015. The Pope also prayed for peace in Ukraine.

What will the Pope do this week? Check it out!

August 21, 2015. Pope Francis will lead the weekly general audience and the Sunday...

Trip of a lifetime: From Bolivia to the Vatican

August 23, 2015. Celebrating 200 years since the birth of St. John Bosco.

LIVE: Pope Francis prays the Angelus overlooking St. Peter's Square.

August 23, 2015. The prayer begins at noon, Rome time.

Room in Vatican Museum gets face lift. Check out the treasures inside the Sala degli Indirizzi

August 23, 2015. The crucifix King Louis XVI prayed with as he walked to the guill...

What will Pope Francis say to the UN in New York City?

August 22, 2015. An expert weighs in on what the Pope will address during his visit.

Bars, Restaurants, Shops... and Franciscan friars?

August 22, 2015. Its one of the most popular summer spots in Rome. One of the stan...
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Ex-Nuncio to Dominican Republic, accused of sexual abuse, found dead

August 28, 2015. The Vatican has issued a statement saying that ex-Apostolic Nuncio to the Dominican Republic Józef Wesolowski was found dead in his room this morning. He is believed to have died of natural causes, according the Vatican authorities. A Vatican prosecutor has asked that an autopsy be performed today. The statement further specifies that the results will be announced as soon as possible and that Pope Francis has been informed of the situation.
Pope Francis

Pope Francis sends a message to organizers and participants of the Rimini Meeting

August 19, 2015. On the occasion of the 36th edition of the Rimini Meeting, Pope Francis sent a message to participants and organizers through Vatican Secretary of State Pietro Parolin. He told them that the void we sometimes feel in our hearts reminds us that we are called to great things. The event is also known as "the Meeting for friendship among peoples,” and it is organized by the Communion and Liberation movement. During the meeting shows, conferences, exhibitions and sporting events are organized.
Pope Francis

Pope Francis “deeply saddened” by the tragedy in Bangkok

August 19, 2015. Pope Francis is "deeply saddened” by the terrorist attack in Bangkok, which killed at least 20 people, according to the Vatican Secretary of State Pietro Parolin. In a telegram sent to the King of Thailand on behalf of the Pope, the cardinal said Pope Francis expressed his sorrow and his closeness to all those affected by the attacks.

Erection of Apostolic Exarchate in Canada

Pope Francis has erected the Apostolic Exarchate for the Syro-Malabar in Canada. He has appointed Fr. Jose Kalluvelil to be its first Exarch, assigning him the titular of Tabalta.

New bishop in India

Pope Francis has appointed Fr. Antony Prince Panengaden to be bishop of the eparchy of Adilabad of the Syro-Malabar (India). His appointment comes after the resignation of Msgr. Joseph Kunnath.
September 19, 2015 - The Pope visits Cuba.
He will visit the cities of La Habana, Holguin and Sanitago de Cuba from the 19th to the 22nd of September.
September 22, 2015 - Pope Francis visits the United States.
He will visit Washington D.C., New York, and Philadelphia from the 22nd to the 28th of September.
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