Touching moment between the Pope and a patient on a stretcher

February 10, 2016. The Pope greeted all his companions.

Pope Francis explains the origin of the Jubilee in the Bible

February 10, 2016. Served to "combat poverty and inequality.” celebrated by the pe...

LIVE: Pope Francis leads his weekly general audience

February 10, 2016. Pope Francis leads his weekly audience, where he gives his cate...

The Pope to the Missionaries of Mercy: It is not easy to accuse yourself before another man

February 9, 2016. He recalled that a confession changed his life

Aid to the Church in Need calls for a day of fasting and prayer for Syria and Iraq

February 9, 2016. "The population of both of these tortured towns asks others worl...

LIVE: Pope meets with the Missionaries of Mercy

February 9, 2016. The meeting starts at 5:30pm.

Pope Francis will travel more than 14,000 miles during his Mexico trip

9 de febrero, 2016. The frenetic schedule will make up one of the Popes busiest pi...

Pope explains how priests must act in confession at Mass in front of the relics of Padre Pio

February 9, 2016. "Either you perform the office of Jesus, who forgives, or that o...

LIVE: Conclusion of meeting of Council of Cardinal Advisers

Briefing by the Director of the Holy See Press Office, Father Federico Lombardi, S...

LIVE: Holy Mass for the Capuchin Friars Minor

February 9, 2016. It begins at 7:30 a.m. local time in Rome.

The Pope made a surprise visit to pray at the relics of Padre Pio and Saint Leopold Mandic

February 8, 2016. He prayed the rosary, joining hundreds of pilgrims at St. Peters...

Pope Francis calls for a political solution in Syria to end “the horrors of war”

February 8, 2016. During the Angelus, he remembered the victims of trafficking,who...

The miracles of Lourdes: What criteria are used by the Church to recognize them?

February 8, 2016. In 1947, the Vatican launched a commission to study the inexplic...

Pope's schedule for this week: Padre Pio and trip to Mexico

February 8, 2016. The Pope will meet with the group of Cardinal advisers and send ...

Japanese treasures from Nagasaki churches on display in Rome

February 7, 2016. Spanish missionary Francis Xavier brought Christianism to Japan.

A look at the plane that will take Pope Francis from Mexico back to Rome

February 7, 2016. The Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner from Aeroméxico is one of the...

LIVE: The Pope prays the Angelus from the Vatican

February 7, 2016. The live stream begins at noon local time in Rome.

What's the key challenge for Catholic education in the 21st century?

February 7, 2016. One leader says that educators must think of themselves as "stew...

Mexico's ambassador to the Vatican: While Trump wants walls, Pope seeks bridges

February 6, 2016. He believes that the most special moment will be the Popes visit...

The Pope asks for prayers in February for care of the environment

February 7, 2016. In a video message he explains the reasons for his appeal.

LIVE: Jubilee for Prayer Groups of Padre Pio

February 6, 2016. Jubilee Audience with Pope Francis for Padre Pio prayer groups.
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Pope Francis

Pope will consider to remind bishops to respond directly to sex abuse victims

February 8, 2016 The Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors asked the Pope to remind all bishops and authorities in the Church of the importance of responding directly to victims and survivors who approach them; and the finalization of a Universal Day of Prayer. On Saturday, the commission asked one of its members, Peter Saunders of Great Britain, who was abused by a priest when he was young, to temporarily suspend his collaboration "to reflect on how he can best contribute to the work of the Commission.” Read more...
Pope Francis

Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill of Moscow will meet

February 5, 2016.Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia will meet on February 12 next. Their meeting will take place in Cuba, where the Pope will make a stop on his way to Mexico, and where the Patriarch will be on an official visit. It will include a personal conversation at Havana’s José Martí International Airport, and will conclude with the signing of a joint declaration.This meeting of the Primates of the Catholic Church and the Russian Orthodox Church will be the first in history.

Christian missionary kidnapped by al Qaeda appears in video

January 27, 2016. BeatriceStockly, a Christian missionary from Switzerland, has surfaced in avideo published by al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb. She was kidnappedin Mali earlier this month, after having already been kidnapped in2012.
Pope Francis

Pope Francis will travel to Lund, Sweden, to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation

January 25, 2016. Pope Francis intends to participate in a joint ceremony of the Catholic Church and the World Lutheran Federation to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, scheduled to take place in Lund, Sweden on Monday October 31, 2016.

New decrees from the Congregation for the Causes of Saints

January 22, 2016. On January 21, Pope Francis authored the Congregation for the Causes of Saints to publish the following decrees: - The miracle attributed to the intercession of the Polish Blessed Stanislaus of Jesus Mary. (1631 - 1701) - The miracle attributed to the intercession of the Argentine Blessed Jose Gabriel del Rosario Brochero. (1840 - 1914) - The miracle attributed to the intercession of the Mexican Blessed layman and martyr José Sánchez del Río. (1913 - 1928) - The miracle attributed to the intercession of the Italian Servant of God Francesco Maria Greco. (1857 - 1931) - The miracle attributed to the intercession of the Italian Servant of God Elisabetta Sanna. (1788 - 1857) - The martyrdom of the German Servant of God Engelmar Unzeitig. (1911 - 1945) - The martyrdom of the Spanish Servant of God Fr. Genaro Fueyo Castañón and three lay partners in 1936. - The martyrdom of the Japanese Servant of God Justo Takayama Ukon. (1552-1553) - The heroic virtues of the Italian Servant of God Arsenio da Trigolo. (1849 - 1909) - The heroic virtues of the Italian Servant of God Maria Luisa Blessed Sacrament. (1826-1886)
Pope Francis

Pope Francis will visit the Mosque of Rome on January 27

January 19, 2016. The Imam, Izzedin Elzir, announced that the Pope will visit the Grand Mosque of Rome on the 27th of January.
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