Pope at General Audience: Prays for the victims of the 6.2-magnitude earthquake near Rome

August 24, 2016. He postponed his catechesis in light of the devastating quake tha...

Pope postpones General Audience speech and dedicates it to victims of quake near Rome

August 24, 2016. At least 73 people are dead and others are reportedly still trapp...

LIVE: General Audience with Pope Francis

August 24, 2016. Pope holds the general audience in St. Peter's Square. It begins ...

Completely renovated Saint Peter's prison in Rome opens to the public

August 23, 2016. Pilgrims learn about its rich history through guided tours with t...

LIVE: Fr. Pepe di Paola speaks at the annual Rimini meeting

August 23, 2016. He is called the "villero” priest and was one of the pope's main ...

They rowed 1,100 km in the sea to reach Rome for the Jubilee

August 23, 2016. It took these three Spanish canoeists 10 days to reach Rome from ...

It was once forbidden to say Mother Teresa's name in Albania

August 22, 2016. She was not even able to enter the country when her mother and si...

Pope at the Angelus: “Our life is not a video game or soap opera”

August 22, 2016. He prayed for the victims killed and wounded by the terrorist att...

Pope's weekly schedule: General Audience and the Angelus

August 22, 2016. He does not have many events scheduled this week, yet he does pla...

Potential Catholic-convert after attending pope's General Audience

August 21, 2016. Susan was the only non-Christian in a group of 57 people from Ind...

LIVE: Pope Francis leads Sunday Angelus in St. Peter's Square

August 21, 2016. The weekly prayer begins at 12 p.m., local Rome time.

An interactive prayer book includes the 100 most important works of sacred music

August 21, 2016. Rafael Arce, a Mexican priest wrote Orar< g> con música to grow c...

“Footprints” movie explains how the Camino de Santiago changes your life

August 20, 2016. It is the latest film from director Juan Manuel Cotelo.

Egyptian-American Human Rights activist is helping rescued girls that were in ISIS captivity

August 20, 2016. "If it takes life or if it takes death, my life's purpose is to s...

Meet the choir that sang for the pope during his visit to the Philippines, Bukas Palad

August 19, 2016. They have been composing and performing religious music for 30 ye...

Bishop Barron and six key contributors to the Church unite in new September series

August 19, 2016. "The Pivotal Players” shares the life stories of figures who've s...

Priest in Syria: There is a real genocide against Christians

August 18, 2016. "They feel abandoned by the Church," said Fr. Rodrigo Miranda.

The difference between charity and solidarity

August 18, 2016. "Instead of giving them a hand out, our idea is giving them a han...

President François Hollande thanked pope for support after attacks in France

August 17, 2016. He participated in a 40-minute meeting with Pope Francis at the V...

Pope Francis establishes new Dicastery for the Laity, Family, and Life

August 17, 2016. Bishop Kevin Farrell, from the Diocese of Dallas, Texas, will hea...

Pope at General Audience: “The compassion Jesus has towards us is not a vague feeling”

August 17, 2016. He said that living in communion with Christ through the Eucharis...
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Quake aftermath continues to torment ancient town of Amatrice as the death toll rises

August 25, 2016. Rescue teams continue to work tirelessly with the hope of finding new survivors, but the number of deaths will increase as there are still dozens missing. Italy's civil protection agency has announced that 190 have dead in the affected areas in the province of Rieti are overcome, while 57 were killed in the province of Ascoli. During the night, there have been up to 60 new tremors of between 3 and 4 degrees of magnitude. Rescuers worked overnight in the most affected Arquata del Tronto, Pescada< g> del Tronto, Accumoli< g> and Amatrice. The most dramatic situation exists in Amatrice, the largest municipality affected, and where 2,000 people live, but in the summer months doubles its population with vacationers and many tourists who had come to enjoy the weekend party pasta "amatriciana,” a dish that has its origins here. More than 1,000 people have been displaced by the quake.

Grand Ayatollah to Pope Francis: “Thank you for saying Islam is not equal to terrorism”

August 22, 2016. Grand Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi sent a letter to Pope Francis to thank him for his words on the flight back from Poland, a few weeks ago: "It is not right to say that Islam is a terrorist faith.” In his letter, the Shia religious leader has strongly condemned terrorist attacks from fundamentalist Islamic groups. He has also stated that "the vast majority of the Musilm people consider all Takfiri sects to be outside the fold of Islam.” Makarem Shirazi is one of the 64 Grand Ayatollahs in Shia Islam and, as such, one of the highest authorities in matters of Islamic dogma and law.

Pope conveys “solidarity and spiritual closeness” for the victims of wildfire in Portugal

August 16, 2016. The fire has killed at least five people and caused hundreds to evacuate their homes. The Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin addressed a letter, on behalf of Pope Francis, to the bishop of Funchal, Antonio Carrilho. The letter was read during the celebration of Holy Mass for Our Lady of the Mount, Patroness of Funchal. In the letter, Pope Francis expressed his condolences and sorrow over the loss of life and property in the Portuguese island of Madeira, where wildfires have killed at least five people and caused hundreds to evacuate their homes. Pope Francis conveys "solidarity and spiritual closeness” for the victims and those displaced by the wildfires and prayed for the wounded and asked them to have "courage and consolation in Christian hope” for all involved.

Pope sends condolences to North America in wake of Hurricane Earl

August 9, 2016. Pope Francis sent his prayers and condolences to the victims in the wake of Hurricane Earl through a message sent by the Vatican’s Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin. The hurricane killed at least 45 people in Mexico and 13 in the Dominican Republic and caused an estimated $50 million in damage.

Pope sends his condolences following attack that killed 70 people at a hospital in Pakistan

August 9, 2016. The terrorist attack at Quetta Hospital killed dozens of lawyers and left 120 others injured.
Pope Francis

Pope Francis officially establishes the commission to study the diaconate of women

August 2, 2016. Six women and six men will study the diaconate of women "with regard to the first ages of the Church.”

Federico Lombardi appointed new president of The Ratzinger Foundation

Aug. 1, 2016. Today Fr. Lombardi officially ceases to be director of the Vatican Press Office and becomes the president of The Ratzinger Foundation. Father Federico Lombardi will chair the board of the Vatican foundation established by Pope Benedict XVI in 2010. Until now it was run by president Monsignor Giuseppe Scotti. The Ratzinger Foundation promotes the study of theology, organizes cultural and scientific congresses and rewards the work of scholars and researchers in different fields.
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