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Pope renews general audiences from vacation home at Castel Gandolfo
"In every situation of life you can not stop praying."
Benedict XVI offers ways to face the economic crisis
“Humanity is one family."
Pope on Christmas: Don't allow consumerism to overshadow the meaning of the celebration
"Within a society of consumerism, we are tempted to seek joy in things."
Benedict XVI explains the mystery of the Incarnation
This great mystery reveals the reality and depth of God’s love for us. It also invites us to respond to him in a faith which accepts the truth of his word and shapes our daily lives. In contemplating the mystery of the Incarnation, we see in Christ the new Adam, the perfect man who inaugurates the new creation, restores our likeness to God and reveals our sublime human dignity and vocation
Pope urges faithful to spread the faith in Jesus, the 'light of the world'
“The Magi represent the people – we can even say the civilizations, the cultures, the religions – that are, so to speak, on the path to God, in search of his reign of peace, of justice, of truth, and of liberty.”
Benedict XVI explained during the first Angelus of 2013 how peace can be achieved
“They are those that, day by day, seek to overcome evil by doing good, with the force of truth, armed with prayers and forgiveness, by honest and well done work, with scientific research in support of life, and with corporate and spiritual works of mercy.”

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