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Pope Francis: Children must not be enslaved!
“We see so many wars on the newspapers, on TV... so many wars ...
Pope Francis: Let us pray for our enemies!
"With forgiveness, with love for our enemy, we become poorer."
Pope Francis: "Arrogance is the basis of all conflicts"
“A Christian is a person who opens up his or her heart with this spirit of benevolence, because he or she has “all”: Jesus Christ."
Pope's Evangelium Vitae Mass : Life is a Gift. Say yes to life, no to death!
“Christians are“spiritual.”
Pope Francis: Only the Holy Spirit leads us forward
“This is the temptation to go backwards, because we are 'safer' going back: but total security is in the Holy Spirit that brings you forward, which gives us this trust"
Fun meeting between Pope and students: 'I didn't want to be Pope'
“What gave me the strength to become a Jesuit is the sense of being a missionary."
Pope's Angelus: God always forgives us
“Let us think, now: it's beautiful. The mercy of God gives life to mankind, it raises it from the dead.

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