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Two famous web platforms combine to form a powerful resource for millennials


An app to build a civilization of love


A mobile app takes you on a virtual tour to the Road to Santiago


An app that allows you to easily share hundreds of images of Jesus and the saints


A priest teaches religion through the game 'Minecraft'


“The idea is to develop guidelines so that the filter is already within the child's mind.”


YouTubers create first ever quality Biblical video game


Emojis are enhancing the popularity of the all-time best selling book: The Bible


The formula of how an American Catholic radio station reaches young listeners


A mobile application that sends a daily prayer via text message


iMisión, this group of Catholic pioneers talk about God on the Internet


Mobile application helps vacationers locate churches and mass times throughout the world


A Dutch priest shows how to understand God through Twitter


Secundas: An android mobile app that helps those in need


An app tells you if the clothing brands you buy comply with workers' rights


365 Days to Mercy: An app to guide you through the Jubilee


“Franciscus” has over a million and a half followers on Instagram in just two days


Click to pray: An application to unite the prayers of the Pope...and the whole world