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A New Defender Of Religious Freedom In Europe

Mario MauroVice President of the European ParliamentDiscrimination against Christians is a very important problem in a large part of Europe, but also out of Europe, because, if in particular you consider the oppression of Christians in countries such as Egypt, or Turkey, or the countries that are out of the OSCE participants in which OSCE is interested to say something, you have a very clear picture that, on the field, there are a lot of problems.Mauro says the ill of discrimination that affects Christians far beyond Europe, comes from a flawed school of thought that suggests that Christianity is a religion exclusive to the West. OSCE is the world?s largest security oriented inter-governmental organization, with 56 member states including the Holy See. Working with governments, says Mauro, is essential in addressing religious persecution on a global level.Mario MauroVice President of the European ParliamentFirst of all, it?s important to understand that in the strategy of OSCE, we are not against the states, but we cooperate with governments. But at the same time, we are very proud to tell the truth in every circumstance.Circumstances that threaten not only the religious freedoms of Christians, but of other religions around the world like Jews and Muslims that often live side by side in tense situations.Mario MauroVice President of the European ParliamentI am convinced that OSCE should carry on the fight against intolerance, discrimination, also against Christians and members of other religions. It?s not the first time Mr. Mauro is asked to fight religious intolerance. In 2007, the president of the European Parliament entrusted him as a delegate to build bridges among religious communities.