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A Pope In The Tempest, A Movie On Paul VI

You?re seeing some scenes from the movie "Paul VI, A Pope in the Storm", a production of the Italian television RAI and the company Luxvide that will soon come to the United States, Mexico and Poland. The actor Fabrizio Gifuni studied for weeks to overcome one of the biggest challenges of this role.Fabrizio GifuniActor, Paul VITrying to imagine a pontiff in his private life: who has ever seen a Pope? Who knows how a Pope moves, how he speaks, how he lives outside his public office? That was the most fascinating and more complex aspect of the work. Pope Benedict XVI, who was appointed cardinal just by Montini, saw the movie with Vatican officials and with the producers. Fabrizio GifuniActor, Paul VIIt seems to me that he exactly said: Congratulations, it was very difficult to be able to interpret the complexity of these historical passages. The complexity of those fifteen years of his pontificate, whichended in 1978, have been the biggest obstacle for the screenwriters. And that?s why the Vatican looked at it with a certain indulgence.