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New Superior General For One Of Largest Religious Orders

Madre Ivonne ReungoatSuperior General, Daughters of Mary Help of ChristiansIt was a moment of surprise, of amazement, I felt little when I found out I would be in charge of an institute so large and although I was a bit afraid, I also had confidence, because when God asks us for something and especially when it?s something bigger than us, He is the one who carries it out and this gave me great confidence.In 1872, St. Mary Domenica Mazzarello, with the help of St. John Bosco, founded the religious order. Her goal was to open a vocational center to help girls and youth. Today, the order has nearly 15,000 members and 89 centers on every continent. And it was during a visit to one of these centers that she felt drawn to the religious life. She was only 12 years old. Madre Ivonne ReungoatSuperior General, Daughters of Mary Help of ChristiansI was very impressed with the atmosphere that reigned in the house, a family atmosphere in which young people participated in the life of the house, they lived in a climate of deep sympathy, friendship and spirituality. And that was how I discovered that it was worthwhile to give life to God for the young."During her 6-year term as a Superior General, she intends to strengthen the relationships with the international community to benefit the education of the young. Madre Ivonne ReungoatSuperior General, Daughters of Mary Help of ChristiansI think today?s young people are not looking so much for beautiful words but for the testimonies of the people that practice what they preach. A lesson that the Superior General of one of the world?s largest religious orders learned when she was only 12 years old.