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Dziwisz: The Legacy of John Paul II Lives On

Nearly four years since his death, the world has not forgotten the Polish Pope. ;

Card. Stanislaw DziwiszArchbishop of KrakowI think that the effect of John Paul II lives on. ; The people love him. ; Just look at St. Peter’s Square, how many people come to look for him. ; People don’t go just to visit his tomb, but to find the person. ; I believe that this legacy, this legacy of love that John Paul II had with the people, especially with the young, lives on.

Cardinal Dziwisz recently took part in the Synod of Bishops on the Word of God, and also attended the Vatican premiere of Testimony, the film based on his memoir. ; He was overwhelmed at seeing the movie in the presence of Benedict XVI and his fellow synodal bishops. ; ;

Card. Stanislaw DziwiszArchbishop of KrakowI would have preferred to stay out of it, because I was in the movie. ; But when I found out that the Holy Father had accepted an invitation, others had invited the Holy Father to the movie, I couldn’t miss it. ; I was very grateful to the Holy Father for participating in this screening, this remembrance of the pontificate of John Paul II, for the 30th anniversary of his election. ; ;

No one knew John Paul II better than Dziwisz. ; When people ask him how he remembers the Pope, he doesn’t hesitate to reply. ; ;

Card. Stanislaw DziwiszArchbishop of KrakowWhen people ask me who was John Paul II, I answer a man of prayer and of contemplation. ; It can be said that he had two loves: of God and of man. ; He tried to see the image of God in man, but also to bring man closer to God. ; ;

Perhaps it is for this reason that thousands of people kept Karol Wojtyla company, standing underneath his window during his final hours. ; They continue to visit his tomb to give thanks or ask for help. ; ;