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Rome Reports

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The Soviet Union

Paolo Guzzanti, Italian Senator and president of the parliament’s committee investigating the shooting, says he knows who did it.

Senator Paolo GuzzantiPresident, Investigative Committee“The former KGB director of the Soviet Union, Mr. Yuri Andropov, sent an order to all the KGB around the world around Europe and especially in Rome with the goal of character assassination first on the person of the pope”

According to the committee, the Soviets used the Bulgarian and East German secret service. The key evidence is in this photo, which shows Bulgarian agent Sergei Antonov in St. Peter’s Square, overseeing the operation.

Senador Paolo GuzzantiPresidente Comision de investigacionNow we gave specialists and pathologists using sophisticated high tech computer and they found that man was him

Guzzanti says that it wasn’t the KGB that was behind the shooting, but rather the GRU, the Soviet military secret service, since the peaceful Polish revolution prevented the deployment of the Soviet Army in Europe.

What the GRU observed by the end of 1979 was the block of availability of polish territory. They need to clear this territory.

And so the Soviets also ordered another hit. This time it would be the Polish Solidarity movement leader, Lech Walesa.

Senador Paolo GuzzantiPresidente Comision de investigacionAli Agca also told judges that he received orders to kill Lech Walesa, the solidarity movement leader, and very good friend of the Pope. And he rejected this and said: he was a good sniper but I am not good with explosive devices which were the Soviet?s idea to make a blast in Rome during a visit of Lech Walesa to Rome.

The Italian Parliament also found the link between terrorism during the 1970s and ’80s, and today.

Senador Paolo GuzzantiPresidente Comision de investigacionIt’s very surprising how the stuff we found is very actual today about he connections about different pieces of terrorism including the actual fundamentalism and Islamic terrorism and Muslim brotherhood.

Alì Agca has never revealed the names of his accomplices. He may be the only one able to uncover the mystery that surrounds the failed assassination that almost changed history.