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Rome Reports

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Don Stanislao remembers John Paul II?s visits to Rome parishes

One of the more notable invited guests was the Pope’s secretary, once called “don Stanislao”.

Cardinal DziwiszPersonal Secretary to John Paul II"This visit has a special meaning for me. I feel called to share my personal experience with Pope John Paul II, which are full of memories and emotions."

Cardinal Dziwisz recalled the Pope’s charisma and unique style, and how enthusiastically he was embraced by people all over the world, especially during his Wednesday general audiences at the Vatican or during his visits to Roman parishes.

Cardinal DziwiszPersonal Secretary to John Paul II“The Roman people welcomed their bishop with such joy and spontaneity. He remained faithful to his service and, as we well know, visited over 300 parishes in Rome.”

Pope Benedict also prayed for John Paul II’s path to sainthood, which is in the works and widely expected to happen soon. Sources close to Don Stanislao say the beatification process is set to climax in the coming months.