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New book aims to bridge communication gap with Church

Prof. Jose Maria La PorteUniversity of the Holy Cross, Rome, ItalyThis book is thought for people who study in the seminars or centers of the catholic church in order to give students a broader approach about what does it mean communication of the church in an institutional way.Professor Jose Maria Laporte says that covering the Vatican is not like covering other beats, and says that teaching journalists how to do so deserves special attention.Prof. Jose Maria La PorteUniversity of the Holy Cross, Rome, ItalyWhy journalists should understand the church in a different way than Wall Street, or sports, or a game or whatever? Because there is a specificity. And the people who communicate the church need to know that specificity in order to communicate well because there is a mutual understanding.Introduction to Institutional Communication of the Church ; is a collection of essays written by professors from the University of the Holy Cross in Rome. It’s organized into three parts covering basic church doctrine, public opinion and crisis management.La Porte says the book is useful not only to students but to established journalists who are looking to better understand church communication.Prof. Jose Maria La PorteUniversity of the Holy Cross, Rome, ItalyI think it will be useful for students related to the Catholic church, but also for people who work in a communication center because it will help them have a broader perspective.The book has been published in Italian but La Porte says the English and Spanish versions are in the works.RSS