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A pro-life volunteer shares her testimony

She is part of the Mexican association Suma Tu Voz, which means “Add Your Voice.” She informs people about the realities of abortion, leads conferences and travels to different countries to build and strengthen bonds with other pro-life movements. Rosa María Ordaz Association “Suma Tu Voz” (México)Last year I had the opportunity to speak with women who had an abortion and it was an intense experience because I realized that many women are left completely hurt and destroyed from the spiritual aspect to the psychological and emotional aspect. She says ignorance is one of the main reasons women have abortions, because they often neglect the real physical and psychological risks of the procedure. Rosa María Ordaz Association “Suma Tu Voz” (México)I met one woman who had a very strong symptomatology, she was very depressed and had a feeling of guilt and remorse. Because when a woman makes a decision that she thinks is a “free one,” she can never imagine that the decision she made will scar her forever. Besides talking to women about potential problems that come with the decision to abort, Rosa Maria encourages them instead to give birth and consider giving the child up for adoption. Rosa María Ordaz Association “Suma Tu Voz” (México)If the woman doesn’t ; want to be a mother, she can be a mother that gives her baby up for adoption, and at the same time she will be dignifying a family. The most beautiful part is that when they decide on adoption she forms a beautiful relationship with the baby that comes from the decision itself. ;She says that the majority of the time the women that opt for the latter choice end up keeping the baby. A battle in which everyone can participate.Rosa María Ordaz Association “Suma Tu Voz” (México)All of us, from our own humble position, either housewives or students, can become bearers and ambassadors of life. A recent survey of 1,223 in United States by the Knights of Columbus revealed that Americans are increasingly becoming pro-life. The number raised from 44 percent to 49 percent in one year. DG