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Dating online: How Catholics find love on the Internet

Bob and Linda Bochniarz“I just think it’s a way to connect with someone with the same values and the same faith.”Bob and Linda are one of the many couples who met on the internet through sites like Catholicsingles.com. It’s a non-conventional way for single Catholics who are searching for love to find that perfect someone. With a simple search, singles can look for potential matches that share the same values and interests. ;It works by matching couples through their characteristics, like physical appearance and location listed on each member’s profile.Jonathan and Meg Velte“Even though we’re both local and there were many a days when I was within five minutes of her house, you could go through your entire life without actually meeting that person even though you’re so geographically close together. And, Catholic singles provided us the opportunity to actually find each other."As the old saying goes, love has no age. Even on the internet.Bob & Linda“I’m convinced that without catholicsingles.com I would not have been able to meet the love of my life. And further grow as we have together in our walk."Joe & Anne DeMaria“It really helped me find someone who had, you know, similar values as I did in upbringing, favorites. Everything was pertinent. So, it really helped me narrow down and figure out who I wanted to talk to.”Catholicsingles.com offers special features like chat rooms, Catholic news and even relationship advice from religious leaders. Everything a Catholic bachelor or bachelorette needs to find that perfect someone.RS - JM