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Rome Reports

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Year in Review-Aug/Sep: Trip to Czech Republic

Meanwhile in the Basilica of St. Mary Major in Rome, rose petals fell like snowfall, a traditional ceremony held in remembrance of the miracle of the year 358. Benedict XVI “Today, where we remember the dedication of the Basilica of Saint Mary Major, the liturgy invites us turn our gaze to Mary, Mother of Christ. Always look to Her, dear young people, following her example in faithfully carry out God?s will. " In September, Benedict XVI received the head of foreign relations of the Russian Orthodox Church, Archbishop Hilarion. A significant meeting since a few months before, the Russian Orthodox Church reconciled with other orthodox churches and agreed to take part in dialogue with them and the Catholic Church. The pope also took a trip to the Czech Republic in September. The first ceremony of the trip was a visit to the statue of the infant Jesus of Prague. He also visited with politicians and intellectuals. During the talks, he called them to work on integral human development an to foster Christian roots in Europe Benedict XVI “The faith of Christians, from the time of Saints Cyril and Methodius and the early missionaries, has in fact played a decisive role in shaping the spiritual and cultural heritage of this country. It must do likewise in the present and into the future.” The mini-series Augustine: The decline of the Roman Empire” also made its debut in September. The series tells the ; story of San Agustine and tells how his mother, Saint Monica, influenced Augustine’s conversion to Catholicism. The pope, who admires Saint Augustine, got a private screening of the series. BR/MC -WP