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Rome Reports

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Philippe Casanova: a Baroque style painter from the 21st century

Caravaggio did the same in the year 1600 with his famous ‘Conversion of Saint Paul.’Now, painter Philippe Casanova is bringing baroque back with his exhibition “Lightning, Thunder, Voices.”

Philippe CasanovaPainter“This exhibition is a vision of Rome during the baroque ages. I have titled it ‘Lighting, Thunder, Voices’ because I believe these three words draw together Baroque art and pyrotechnics.”

Through these 34 frames, Philippe Casanova offers a very special visit to St. Peter’s Basilica and some of the most prominent landmarks of the Eternal City. ; Philippe Casanova Artist "I wanted to convey the idea of pilgrimage of discovery. Like the St. Peter?s Basilica was discovered ; just across the bridge of Castel Sant?Angelo or also like the time when in this basilica, a unique perspective of Bernini?s Baldacchino with the Chair of Peter in the back is discovered.”

With these original frames, Philippe Casanova transmits the motion, the pilgrimage and the route. With the ease of the brushwork he illustrates the fleeting movements. With his works Casanova aims to convey something that goes beyond a personal conception of beauty. ; Philippe Casanova Artist "There’s always the spiritual dimension in my work. On the one hand the corporeal dimension, sensual beauty of the works. But the works are also here as a reminder, ; that there is a Creator who has created the creatures of creation: This is the relationship between physical beauty and spirituality.”

A unique way of showing contemporary baroque and the importance within the creation of man.

A new way to extract the Baroque style in its own essence, by bringing to light new perspectives of our times that for centuries were waiting to be discovered.