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Pretiosus Thesaurus, Latin in the modern Church

Card. Zenon GrocholewskiPrefect of the Congregation for Catholic Education“Many scientific treasures are written in Latin. Great scientists like Copernicus, Galileo and even poets like Goethe would speak and write in Latin.”But the language of the “Cesars” is a lot more today. Aside from creating ties in Europe it also helps to unite the Catholic Church. That’s the message in the book “Pretiosus Thesaurus: Latin in today’s Church.” A book edited by the Vatican’s publishing house. Yorick Gomez GaneAuthor “This book comes from the idea of ; understanding why this language is used. It’s a language that is important and beautiful but more significant it’s a language that is universal, ecumenical and through it, the Church can study its roots more profoundly.”The book includes an in-depth investigation and pontifical documents where the popes speak about how significant this language is to the Church as a whole. Those documents explain why Latin is a “Pretiosus Thesaurus”. A treasure the Church says is worth saving.BR/MCFFWP