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The story of the apparitions of the Virgin Mary in Lourdes

The apparitions took place here, in the cave of “Massabiel”. It’s a place visited each year by 6 million pilgrims from all over the world who come to pray in front of the Virgin, and discover the image of the small Bernadette. ; Brother Martin Lourdes Shrine "In my opinion , the most important things aren’t the apparitions, but that Bernadette didn’t arrive immediately to the conclusion ; “I saw the Mother of God”. It was a slow recognition." Bernadette was 14 at the time, but it had to be verified that she really had seen the Virgin Mary. So the Church investigated her claims and after 4 years, officially recognized the authenticity of her visions in 1962. Brother Martin Lourdes Shrine "After the apparitions, Bernadette went to a convent in Nevers, in northern France. In those days it was a long journey, she never went back to the grout." Bernadette joined the Sisters of Charity, and lived in the convent of Nevers until her death in 1879. Those last 13 years was a time of great pain for her because of ill health. ; ; Brother Martin Lourdes Shrine "Even if she had a week health and that she had seen the Virgin, she never looked for commodities, because the Virgin told her “I can’t promise you joy in this world, but yes in the other”. Bernadette Soubrious wasn’t cured by a miracle in Lourdes. She marked the beginning of many physical and spiritual miracles to take place there.