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Rome Reports

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Andrea Pozzo: a Jesuit and a master of optical illusions

On the 300th anniversary since his death, this exhibit in Rome is commemorating the architect and painter by displaying some of his most significant work. Lidia SalviucciDirector ‘Mirabili Disinganni’“We’ve decided to dedicate this exhibit to him because he lived in this city from 1681 to 1702 and because he was a great artist, architect, painter, designer and invented devices.”It’s a journey through the development of his creative genius along with his vocation. As his architectural knowledge deepened, he also felt more strongly about his call to join the Jesuits.Lidia SalviucciDirector ‘Mirabili Disinganni’“It’s a parallel path. It shows his art as his instrument for his vocation. It’s very interesting because you can see that while he was improving his technique his passion for his vocation was also growing.”Andrea Pozzo is famous for mastering the ?false perspective,? which is nothing more than an optical illusion that gives a sense of depth a perspective that in reality doesn’t exist.Aside from dominating this technique, Andrea Pozzo also wanted to convey the importance of perspective in his personal life just as he did in his art work. Lidia SalviucciDirector ‘Mirabili Disinganni’“His art works have a double meaning. He wanted to transmit that if we loose the main point, that in this case was his faith, everything else can fall apart. But what’s interesting in this case is that he is able to convey this idea in a very spectacular way.”The exhibit which runs through May 2nd and showcases beautiful works which are reminiscent of a brilliant artist who was able to put his creative abilities to serve God and the Church. BR/MCFFWP