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A new book on the cardinal John Henry Newman

When Cardinal Newman used to walk these halls as a student while he was preparing to enter the priesthood. But his journey to the Catholic Church was unconventional to say the least and it influenced much of his work according to author Luca Tuninetti. Luca TuninettiAuthor, John Henry Newman, a Christian who questioned modernity.“I would be delighted if this book can contribute to make him known to more people because he was very important person historically for both the Church of England and for the Catholic Church.”Tuninetti is the author of ‘John Henry Newman, a Christian who questioned modernity.’ The book is a compilation of essays that highlight various aspects of this rich and complex figure.At 44 years old, Newman who was priest in the ; Church of England, decided to convert to the Catholic Church. Luca TuninettiAuthor“That in England during the 19th century was a very bold step he had to leave Oxford.” Newman would go on to become a Catholic priest and eventually a cardinal, while keeping ; his passion for writing. Newman was a poet and wrote a number of influential books. ;Now 120 years after his death Pope Benedict XVI will preside over his beatification in Coventry during his trip to the U.K scheduled for September. Luca TuninettiAuthor“He’s going to be proclaimed blessed by the Catholic Church and there are many reasons to know him an I hope this little book may contribute to make him known to more people.”A little book on an great figure in history who may influence these young minds to follow in his footsteps by becoming a writer, a priest or by striving for sainthood.MCDC-JM-WP-