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The miracle for the beatification of Juan de Palafox is approved

According to the postulator, Ildefonso Moriones, Juan de Palafox cured a Spanish priest dying of tuberculosis.

To see if he is a saint, the Vatican has also studied the testimony of 150 contemporaries.

P. Ildefonso MorionesPostulador“Palafox said he didn’t take chocolate because he didn’t want to be anyone?s slave. Not for penitence, but for pride. Because he had seen that whoever became used to it, would always take it, and he didn’t want to be controlled.”

The life of Juan de Palafox was not easy. His parents abandoned him when he was born. Thanks to his strength he became prosecutor to the Spanish Council of War.

P. Ildefonso MorionesPostulador“After two years of his bright career his sister Lucrecia fell gravely ill, two important persons of the court died unexpectedly and in that moment, he had a serious moment of reflection and he realized that he was serving men that would not live. And in that moment came his conversion.”

When he was ordained a priest he asked the king of Spain to move him to the Council of the Indians, to respond to the needs of the diocese of America. Felipe IV decided to send him to Mexico to control the riots. There he was named bishop and viceroy. He accepted the political office, but he asked to work six months for the Church and another six for the government.

P. Ildefonso MorionesPostulador“To dress himself as viceroy he used the same gown he wore before, but he turned it inside out and outside in. Instead of making himself a new frock he would turn it around and then it would seem new. That is all the expense he made.”

The postulator assures that when Juan de Palafox arrived in Mexico the economy improved, he summoned delayed trials and redistributed the water so that it reached the poor. Inside of the Church, he united the priests. He also helped it grow and completed the cathedral of the capital.

He died in Osma, Spain in 1653 and was buried there. His beatification will be celebrated in Osma. Now the only thing left to know is the date to put an end to this long process.