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Sister Briege McKenna, a nun with the gift of healing and who ministers to priests

For the past 35 years, Sister Briege McKenna has traveled more than 1 million miles to more than 100 countries to minister to priests.

Sister Briege McKennaSt. Clare Sisters Retreat Ministry“Yesterday I met a priest here who was in Miami who was a happy engineer with a great life ahead of him and he heard me speak in Miami. He left it all and went to be a priest after he heard me speak.”

She feels she received her call from God to speak on the priesthood years after she was miraculously cured of arthritis during the celebration of the Eucharist. She says God told her there was going to be a great shortage of priests and that many would reject the priesthood.Sister Briege McKennaSt. Clare Sisters Retreat Ministry"And I said to the Lord there is no way, Lord. I?m a first grade teacher. I can?t do that. And I got this most extraordinary love for the priesthood, and the Lord said in a voice I could almost hear, ; you don?t do it, just be obedient, just listen and I?ll do it through you."

Although she said she was scared, she put her trust in God. Even when He told her their would be a great crisis in the priesthood.

Sister Briege McKennaSt. Clare Sisters Retreat Ministry“Of course Satan likes them as his prime target. Because once a priest is attacked we are all affected by it. So when I?m giving retreats I affirm them, encourage them, warn them and challenge them.”

Sister Briege says the priesthood is under a terrible attack, but she has never lost respect for priests. She will continue to help them and encourage others to join the vocation.