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The Pope reminds Brazilian bishops that their main duty is to celebrate Mass

The Pope spoke these words during the “Ad Limina? visit by the bishops. ; Many parishes in Brazil do not celebrate Mass every Sunday because of an insufficient number of priests—a great challenge for the largest Catholic country in the world.

Benedict XVI“Of all the duties of your ministry, the most urgent and important is the responsibility to celebrate the Eucharist and to ensure that your faithful have the possibility to attend Mass, especially on Sundays.”

Benedict XVI said the bishops must create ?places of worship,? where people could pray individually or together, and that the parishes need to become places for being in unin with God.

At the same time, the Pope asked the bishops to encourage people to participate in the Church?s framework and that they always guide followers with a ?heart of humble service.”

Benedict XVI“Welcome all who come to your door with an open heart; counsel, console and sustain them on the path of God, trying to guide all.”

Benedict XVI reminded the bishops of their threefold task of presenting the true faith, santification and guiding all the members of the Church.