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Pope calls for a new general chapter to renew the Legion of Christ

The pope says it is “necessary and urgent” to take a journey of “deep review of the charisma of the Institute.”

At the same time he tells members of the Legionaries he wants to “accompany them” and asks them not to leave “disheartened” at the “sad events” that took place.

He also highlighted the “zeal and fervor” of a great number of the Congregation?s members.

Also the papal delegate, Archbishop Velasio de Paaolis, told the Legionaries the renewal asked for by the pope implies to “be aware” of the situation and to “individualize” the causes that led to it.

He also addressed those who doubt their vocation ; because of the scandals and asked for patience. He told them that it is “something too serious” to decide in a moment of “disorientation” as this.

Last July 9th the pope appointed Archbishop Velasio de Paolis as his delegate to solve the Congregation?s problems.

Although the pope?s letter points out that the delegate will “govern the Institute in his name during the necessary time, ” the Legionaries of Christ say that until the Vatican publishes the decree on the roles of the delegate, Álvaro Corcuera ; will continue as general director of the Congregation and will continue exercising his authority.