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Rome Reports

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The statue of San Tarcisio greets participants of the meeting of altar boys

After the celebrations, the statue will be moved to the catacombs of Saint Callistus, where Saint Tarcisius is buried. It will be the first place in the world dedicated to altar servers. Mons. Martin GächterPresidente, ?Coetus Internationalis Ministrantium?"Young people will see the tomb of Saint Tarcisius, where the statue is located, and it will be a place where altar servers from around the world can meet." Swiss sculptor Bernhard Lang made the statue of the Saint. After nearly four years of work on the project, the results are striking. Bernhar LangEscultor"In autumn 2008 I was ready to give them to the foundry. They made it in bronze, in 7 parts, put it together again by soldering the parts together and I overworked the whole surface of the statue and at the end I did the patination. So that it what it is now". The statue is five meters high and weighs four tons. The shapes symbolize the movement and dynamism of young people – represented in Saint Tarcisius, patron of altar servers around the world.BR/TJCTV/AMGdP-BN