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A book investigates the long battle of Benedict XVI against sexual abuse

Gregory Erlandson and Matthew Bunson say that what characterizes Benedict XVI is that he has not tried to hide the crisis and he has faced it directly.

Gregory ErlandsonAuthor, “Pope Benedict XVI and the Sexual Abuse Crisis” "He?s been addressing the issue forthrightly, he has issued numerous apologies, he?s met with the victims, he?s also accepted the resignations of bishops and he has been encouraging the churches, the local churches to face up to this problem." ;

Gregory Erlandson has welcomed the recent measures adopted by the Pope to combat sexual abuse and says that they show that Benedict XVI takes the issue very seriously.

Gregory ErlandsonAuthor, “Pope Benedict XVI and the Sexual Abuse Crisis” "I think he is making it clear to the worldwide Church and to the leaders that we have to address this forthrightly, that there has to be transparency, that we have to tell the truth, even when the truth puts us in a bad light. ; I think that signal is being sent out to the bishops around the world, to the priests, and to the laity."

The book describes in a clear and systematic way the Church?s role in addressing the problem of abuse, beginning with the first centuries of Christianity. He analyzes the papal documents in this area and highlights their weaknesses and strengths.

Gregory Erlandson and Matthew Bunson focus especially on the measures taken by the U.S. bishops in 2002 to address the abuse crisis. They also look at what has happened over recent months in Europe, and what steps are now being taken by the Vatican to deal with one of the biggest challenges facing the pontificate of ;Benedict XVI.